Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saving power

This light fitting was in my lounge room -one of two halogen globe lights, each one having three globes. The globes were each 50w -that is 300 watts for the room. The globes were VERY difficult to get into the fittings, even with a special pair of tongs I bought especially made for the job.

The room was dark in corners.

With the coming changes in power costs in WA it was time to make some changes, especially when we needed to get the electrician in anyway so that one of the wall plates could be replaced.

Here is the replacement! Each of the low energy lights is 11 watts so that is 11 x6 or 66 watts instead of 300watts for the room.

There is much more light in the new arrangement. I also love the way these look -it fits my country style much better than the old ones.

With the new outdoor fridge and these lights, we will have significantly lowered our electricity consumption. Will be interesting to see the next bill when it comes!

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Darren said...

Awesome, I'm sure you'll notice the power bill difference.

I recently converted 10 halogen downlights to CFLs, and we're already seeing a huge difference - maybe 3 kWh per day!