Monday, June 21, 2010


I have been on a silent retreat, at the wonderful Nathaniel's rest.

No talking for 40 hours.


As my DH said, it is a great relief not to talk for a while.

Time to rest.

Time to read.

Time to think.

Time to walk.

Time to notice how lovely our winter bushland can be.

We saw 4 kangaroos on the hop -bounding through the bush.
Didn't get a picture, but how glad it made me!

These horses were still enough to photograph, however.

Now that I am back home, we are thinking about how we can include at least some quietness in our lives.
We could drive without the radio or music playing.
We could spend one of our morning walks together in silence.

Silence helps us to notice what is otherwise hidden.

One of my readings this weekend said:
"Why should creation play to an empty house?"
At least some times, I intend to be in the audience, quietly watching the show.

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