Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding To Do List-Done!

1. Make ten table centres by sewing the same fabric as the bridesmaids were wearing into table runners, adding shining mirrors and tea light candles and flowers. Take them up to the reception centre and put them on the tables whilst wearing cotton gloves to avoid finger prints on the shining surfaces. Make sure all the tables were correctly laid with place cards and gifts. DONE.

2. Arrange two large flower arrangements for church, deliver them to the church, and have my dear sister and brother in law take them to the reception centre afterwards. DONE.

3. Attend one of the happiest and most romantic weddings ever (am I biased?) of my dear son and his Beautiful Girl, making sure to have a little cry during the service. (most people confessed to this). DONE

4. Give away the table centres to all sorts of worthy people and then bring everything home and put everything away. DONE

5. Put your feet up on the sunny spring patio, with a drink and a decorating magazine and relax. DONE.

6. Have the bride and groom live happily ever after. Work in progress!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your son and daughter in law. Having met them both, I can confirm that they are both lovely and I wish them much happiness, and a challenging, interesting and wonderful life together. :)

earthmotherwithin said...

Thanks so much, for the lovely thoughts.