Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recycle this-garden chair

It used to be a garden chair, but ended up in pieces on the side of the road during our last council bulk rubbish collection.

The seat is a round, saucer like cane object, which now has a new life in my garden as a rather stylish shade structure for a little citrus plant which struggles in the hot weather. With our new water restrictions we wanted to help the tree along, and so this is what my clever DH made for me. All we used were 4 star pickets hammered into the ground, 4 pieces of heavy gauge wire to wire the cane top to the star pickets (which have handy holes drilled into them -ideal for this purpose) , a piece of 50% shade cloth and about 6 cable ties (they hold the shade cloth on the structure).

We liked it so much we built another over the quince -to help it along for its first summer. This one hasn't got it's shade cloth yet. It is a bit easier to see how it all goes together.

We are going to need all the shade we can get -summer is one whole month away and we are already getting +30 degree Celsius temperatures.

If you want to try this at home, please be careful. Something I did during my Saturday gardening has really hurt my back. Went to my lovely physiotherapist today, however and things are on the mend.

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