Friday, February 18, 2011

Farewell lovely lady

You came to us as a tiny kitten, into a house of small children. Very wisely you learned how to hide away from arms that wanted to carry you about. We thought you were unsociable, but you just wanted some space and some respect.

Nevertheless you kept us entertained with your antics. We remember a tiny kitten asleep in the hand basin in the bathroom!

We moved you from one suburb to another and you were frightened. One day you left and for three days you didn't come back. We thought you had gone for good! Then you found your way home, and we could tell you had been even more frightened out in the big bad world. You had decided that you needed us, even if we lived somewhere else.

I can remember how, towards evening, I would call "Puss Puss Puss" and the neighbours would call "Jacko Jacko Jacko" and each of our cats would come in to spend the night at home.

You left Jacko to roam the outside of our place, and you stayed inside, where it was warm and safe.

In your later life you wanted to be near us. You would greet us in the early morning, with a conversation about the difficulties of 'night starvation in cats" and then, suitably breakfasted, jump on our bed to have us spend some time giving you a 'full body massage' as befits a well-loved cat.

You would make your way to the TV room in late evening, and INSIST on your place on the couch whilst we watched TV. You showed us what true relaxation really looks like.

I started quilting only two years ago, and you discovered a new career as 'quilt inspector" and never ever missed an opportunity to do your job.

Recently you have been showing your age... all 20 years! You rallied several times when we thought it was the end, but today it really was the end.

We are going to miss you soooo much, our lovely Lady. Mornings will be so quiet without you.


Sharon said...

Oh, Earthmotherwithin my heart goes out to you on the loss of your beautiful "Puss". To alot of people our four legged family members mean the world to us, they help make a family complete. Sounds like your gorgeous puss was very well taken care of and adored.
You gave her a safe home and a good life .... a lucky puss indeed.

Debbie said...

Such sad news. A family pet is like a family member and more so after 20 years but you have great memories.

ecosopher said...

Oh, E, I'm sad to read about your beautiful lady. I feel honoured to have met her; I'm sure you must be missing her terribly. Thinking of you.