Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making the most of what you have got

Recently I heard one of these books being read on the ABC and I thought -gosh, what a quirky, funny idea! Eoin Colfer's fantasy world where fairies are crossed with a James Bond style boy genius criminal -crazy idea.

I mentioned it to my daughter who immediately turned up with a whole stack of them that she had read some time back! Great! Lots of easy escapist reading, which kept me going for a while.

Reading books is a lifetime pursuit for me, but there is always the problem of finding something else to read. I often have a number of books on the go, but don't intend to buy every book I read- apart from everything else, where would I store them all?

There is always the local library, and I often buy books second-hand so that I can enjoy them at a more reasonable cost. However, I also love re-reading books I already own. All the pleasure without the pain of purchase! Some are old favourites and if you were to count the number of times I have read them, the cost per read-through would be quite small.

I am working really hard at avoiding waste at our place. Today I used nearly a litre of beef stock that DH bought for something he made on the weekend -it said "use in three days after opening" -so I turned that into soup with some garden veggies and the left over bits of a garden salad which was also from the weekend, along with some bits and bobs I had stored in the freezer. You know how it is -not enough to make one person a meal, but I hate throwing food out so I put it in a tiny container in the freezer. There was half a serve of carrot and turmeric soup, and a bit of a beef soup I had made some time back.

So I reckon that was pretty much free food -and the best bit is that there is quite a lot left for lunches this week.
My quilting can be an expensive hobby. That is why I have been so happy learning how to make these scrappy blocks and UnRuly letters out of what I have left over from other projects. I completed this quilt top today -and I have to say I am very pleased with it. It was fun to make and cost nothing as previously I would have thrown out pieces like this.

So that is it for this week -learning to make the most of what we have got.

Hope you are the same.

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han_ysic said...

Love the soup - I do the same, and make fritattas, everything in the dish, mix a bit of egg and milk, some cheese on the top and bake. Try not to waste anything and it helps that my other half can always eat more and stays like a beanpole.

Pattilou said...

Love your quilt. I make many from leftovers--often from other people! Live Simply was on the wall above my kitchen sink when we bought the house and I kept it there!

Karlee said...

Hi! Found you through the email list and I just love your quilt....actually, I love your blog and aspire to get mine going to such a great point!!!!!!

June D said...

Very impressive!

Dayquilt said...

My kids' favorite leftover soup is a powdered potato soup mix with corn, broccoli and cheese. I first made it the day after a summer party, leftover corn-on-the-cob, crudites and sliced cheeses. We call it Sunday Soup, after their great-grndmother's habit of taking everything in the fridge on Sunday and putting it in the soup pot.