Sunday, March 18, 2012

The baby quilt flimsy

The granddaughter baby quilt is now a flimsy!

Here is the front.

And this above is the back.

Feeling very happy about how this is turning out. I plan to pin it all together tomorrow, whilst we have a power blackout so that the electricity company can fix something.

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365 Days of Kindness said...

I am pretty sure your daughter-in-law and son will love it for their baby! Its beautiful! Well done! Keep up the good work!

I often show mum your quilts, as she loves quilting too! She is pretty impressed! So am I! :)

Shes currently working on a twisted bargallow quilt, however since she recently had spinal surgery, she has been limited to a short amount of time sitting down (even at the sewing machine). So the quilt is on hold!

Well, my point is you are doing a wonderful job! I'm sure your (soon to be) new granddaughter will love it! :)

Luv Daena x