Sunday, May 20, 2012

Give more

I have just completed this quilt top, above which will be a banner to go with my "live simply" one. It has a lovely panel of a winery set among green vines in the middle. I was lucky enough to find some fabric which echoed the   vines which I set as a border, then added the flying geese and the words "give more". Then I finished it with an autumn leaf print.

It probably won't be pinned to a backing until next weekend, so this week I am just keeping it on my design board.

We have had a return to autumn weather here in Perth this weekend. DH and I were able to go for a lovely walk at our local beach today -it was a warm day. Any more of this and I will be watering the veggies again.

We know it is winter by the fact that the days are getting shorter and shorter. Yesterday the family came up with a lovely idea to gather together on the winter solstice for a Yule Feast. We are going to have our new 'log fire" in operation, and lots of candles to defy the long night - and yummy winter food, on the longest night which will be on the 20th June.

From that day on, I always feel that I can eagerly watch the days gradually get longer, with each morning a minute or two earlier than the last. I do hope we get lots more rain though -our Perth winters seem drier than they used to be.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. See you soon!

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