Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spring in the air

 It has been a warm weekend, and the garden is sure it must be spring! I found the bottlebrush coming out in flower, when we were out weeding and feeding this morning. We have been trying to keep the weeds at bay -a difficult job at this time of the year, but good fun because it gets us out where we can find beauty like this. 

 My Irises are putting on a lovely show. DH has been breaking up clumps of these and replanting them in a row edging the patio -they are looking lovely. 

 My scrappy quilt got finished at last! This was made of the left overs from other quilts. I got it half made, then decided I didn't like it and put it away for a few months, but recently I challenged myself to 'just do it" and I am very pleased that it turned out so well. My DH reckons the orange block border looks like 'pindan' -the colour of the soil in parts of Western Australia. I think all the scraps together make me think of wild flowers. Maybe that is the name of the quilt- 'wildflowers'? 

Here it is on our outdoor table. DH worked very hard yesterday cleaning the patio and putting it all in order -we sat out there yesterday for afternoon tea. Very spring-like!

 Geraldton wax flowers also ready to bloom in our garden.

The quilting marathon has not stopped -the "Give More" quilt is now under the machine.
 It is coming along nicely. 

Hope you have had a chance to enjoy the outdoors, where ever you are this weekend, and that you too can do what makes your heart sing. 
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Sharon said...

Saturday was gorgeous, just like a spring day wasn't it? Sunday not so much, at least here, it was cooler and it tried really hard to rain...but alas we didn't get any.
Glad I am not the only one with lots of weeds! Your quilt and flowers all beautiful.

Sharon said...

Saturday was a gorgeous spring like day wasn't it? Sunday not so much, it was cooler and it tried really hard to rain...but alas it didn't happen. Your quilt and flowers all looking beautiful.