Thursday, September 27, 2012

Solar panels on our roof!

We finally installed solar panels on our roof this week!

It seemed like the right time to do it:

  • DH and I will be at home during the day more than in the past. As the solar panels will, of course, be making electricity during the day it is most cost effective if we are at home to use it. We can wash clothes and dishes and have our computers on during the day, and reduce our energy use at night when we are buying it from the electricity company.
  • Solar panels and inverters are getting a lot cheaper than they were in the past. See the link below for the story on this.
  • Our income will be less than it was, as we are both working less hours, so reducing our recurring expenses like power costs is a good idea. We have calculated that the cost of installing the system is like paying off part of our electricity bills in advance for the next 5 years, and then after that the system will be producing electricity for us for free. 
  • We have done as much as we can to reduce our energy use before we got to this stage. Easily the cheapest way to cut power bills is simply to use less. We bought energy efficient appliances, we turn things off at the wall when they are not needed, we use passive cooling and heating as much as is possible in an old house like ours. 

Are you thinking about solar panels? Maybe you have them already? 


DEB said...

I love getting my power bill to see how much has been knocked off due to the company buying it back from us.

Lida Swisher said...

Way to go! It’s very smart to find a way to adjust your smaller income these days. And if you’re talking about frugality, solar panels are very appropriate. :D I’m actually planning on installing solar panels on the roof of my parent’s house as well. Since my father will be retiring this year, we need to find a way to lessen our expenses. And I think it’s time that we go for the environment-friendly approach on things. ;)

- Lida Swisher