Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making it happen

 We put the furniture back on the patio, but we are still waiting for the cladding for the bench around the sink. Nevertheless we are very pleased with the transformation!

 The creamy yellow walls make the place a lot brighter.

 The coffee table was stained and sealed and now looks like it belongs with the rest of the furniture.

 The path towards the patio now is nice and smooth and clean. DH borrowed a high pressure cleaner from a mate which was able to clean the limestone steps too.

 We have a theme of kookaburras around our house. The front door has stained glass kookaburras, and now there is a lovely tiled feature on the wall on the patio featuring the same bird.

The pea gravel reminds me of the colours of pindan -the colours of the north west!

 I have been reading cook books to get inspiration for some entertaining outside. Still quite a bit of summer to go!

Hopefully the cladding for the bench will come this week, and then we can declare the project finished!

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Sharon Bird said...

You have done a great job on fixing up your patio. It looks so much more brighter and inviting. We still have plenty of warm weather left yet for you to enjoy eating out there. Job well done!