Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autumn means new life here in Perth

It is spring in the northern hemisphere, but here in Perth autumn has come with a sense of relief and new life. We had 35 mm of rain here in the last week, and after our normal summer drought the rain always brings new life. Many of our native trees are evergreens, but the rain washes the dust off the leaves and soon we see new pink tips emerging.

One of our favourite trees at this time of the year is the Illyarrie or Red Cap Gum. It has the cutest bright red caps which fall off and then you get clusters of showy yellow flowers. My DD, when she was a primary school girl, used to collect the caps and I would find them in the pockets of her school uniform, so the red cap always brings that little girl back in my mind.

There is a 'dry park" behind our place -that is, a park that the Council does not irrigate. After the rain there is a nice little tinge of green as the grasses come back to life

  I have been redecorating with a few 'hints' of the up and coming Easter season.  Here is a cute Hen tureen and a few decorated eggs to start us off.

Thanks for those who offered suggestions to the use of pomegranates.  I have tried several of the recipes and  will intend to get through all of them. Here is the one I am going to try today:

Finally a picture of our lovely little Dora, who reminds us that autumn is also a time for finding the nearest quilt to snuggle into. Well, it probably is not quite cool enough for the rest of us to do this  but we have hopes of it soon being cool enough to do so!

On the quilting front there is not a lot to show. I have been working on a couple of grant submissions in my volunteering work, and that ate up a bit of time. I promise an update next week~

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