Monday, September 16, 2013

Spring, rain and other lovely things

Spring has sprung in Perth, with storms and rain and the occasional lovely warm day. We took DH on a picnic to New Norcia on Father's day and some of the pictures you see here are from that day.

We have been busy, with DH working full time for ten weeks in a locum position. This means that he is getting some lively stimulating times, and the income will be good, but that things we are used to him taking care of, are still waiting! I have been working at my lovely part time job too -and that job always seems to spread into too many hours. Then I need to take time off and get back into things around here again.

We did have a blitz on the winter weeds in the front garden, and a bit of a go at the back. We have finally had a feed from the beans crop which for too long was all show and no go. We are really enjoying out winter self-seeded tomatoes -so early to have ripe home grown fruit.

In the house, I have been perfecting my sour dough technique. We have also enjoyed double choc chip cookies!

My music quilt is closer and closer to completion, although lots of concerts and picnic days have reduced the amount of time I have spent on it recently.What is left to do? Quilting the word panels -make some borders -put it all together!

Music has also been very much a part of our lives when we sing in the St Barnabas Community Choir -we are practicing for a concert in two weeks (eek!). We also had a wonderful time at the Joan Baez concert, and at the Australian String Quartet.

Then we went to Shrine, the new Tim Winton play.

Apart from that, we have been busy marching in protests to seek a better way for asylum seekers in Perth. The tide seems to have gone out on the ocean of compassion in Australia, but we continue to hope for a change of heart and mind.

On the weekend I am getting a very special treat. I am going to Melbourne to spend some time with my son and lovely daughter in law and my grand daughter. Blessings abound!

The tomatoes are getting bigger! 

Enjoy some of the scenes around New Norcia!

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