Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Magical Aussie style Christmas

 It has been a magical Christmas day -for once, the weather was not too hot -only about 30 degrees Celsius, with a welcome breeze around noon, when we sat down to eat. We had DS and our lovely DIL with our little 19 month old grand daughter, and we had our DD and my DH's brother sit down at our patio table.

I went with a 'typical Aussie Christmas" theme in the decorations and the food.

We ate  prawns and chicken kebabs with mango salsa.

DH barbecued the steak and there were lots of salads: potato salad: pumpkin and beetroot with spinach and cashews: coleslaw; a garden salad; and a salad with cauliflower and peas and beans with a creamy orange dressing.

There was also a ham -of course- and  pineapple to go with it.

The non-compulsory desert was fruit salad with rosewater syrup and Eton smash. Everyone had some!

People chose their own drinks -but I enjoyed a very fine sparkling wine from Little River in the Swan Valley.

Coffee was most welcome after all that.

We had a lovely day.

There are lots of leftovers!

Good -that means my duties are at an end and I can go back to quilting through the Christmas -New Year shutdown at work.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Merry Christmas to you and to your family! And for all of the Aussies, who have already had their Christmas...hop on over to my blog..I did a fun post on Christmas songs and poetry...and one of them is 'Aussie Jingle Bells'! Merry Christmas Aussie and New Zealand and all of the other 'over the date line' quilters and families!