Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frugal February -Week 3


I added some braid to the curtain tie backs. This was an op shop find some years ago -I nearly threw it out recently as I hadn't found a use for it, but it worked well here. They help to give the cheap curtains a more polished formal look.

As I had been a bit preoccupied with the work on the curtains, I had not made bread yesterday and we were all out. Now, sandwiches are often a lunch staple around here, but instead of going to the shop to buy bread, I made a simple stir fry -cashews and lentils -and rice for lunch.
The bread was made later, and I also made pesto from basil leaves from the garden. I used some of it with pasta and left over roast chicken for dinner.


I cleaned out one tray of the worm farm and used the castings in my liquid feed bin. This feed, when diluted in a watering can, is the best thing for my plants. It is also free!

DH was in the shed making the braces for the cantilever shelves in the sewing room.

Frugal furniture purchase
I have been looking for a console table for my lounge room for about 8 months. No, that is not true - I found a great console table but the price scared me so I have been looking for a cheaper version. I always think it is worth waiting for a bargain, and that as this table was largely decorative I could wait for the one I could both like and afford.

Even so, when I found a table at less than a quarter of the price of the first one I had seen, I still waited 48 hours to rethink it. I find this 'cooling off' process very important -it gives me the time to think through why I want it. Is it the 'thrill of finding a bargain?". Do I have some emotional unhappiness or stress which I want to try to cure by the thrill of a purchase? Of course there is very little we can buy that can actually do that in any sustained way.
Then -will it be good quality? Is it environmentally friendly? etc etc

I can honestly say one of the best habits I have ever tried to master in living frugally, is to make myself wait and think first.
Do any of you do that? How long is long enough to wait?

The console is solid but was bought unfinished -that is good, we can stain it to match our other loungeroom furniture. The picture here is showing it with a first coat of stain -it will be darker as we add more coats. There is a shelf on the bottom which we re now staining too.

There will be a stack of quilts on the bottom shelf. That makes me happy!


We wanted to go to choir after our volunteer committee meeting but there would be very little time between the two engagements so DH packed a salad and some left over pizza -and we had good food and no need for takeaway.

Our daughter graduated with a BA and of course it was a lovely, happy time. We ate in the Guild food hall before hand -there are times when convenience is important. Frugal people are not stingy they just know the value of the money they spend!


DH finally bought some new PJs. He told me that he was waiting for this month's clothing allowance to come in, so he didn't spoil the budget by buying them too soon. Good man!

I did some minimal grocery shopping -just the basics like milk and bread.

I picked up my sewing machine from the repairers- it pays to get important tools maintained regularly. I resisted the urge to buy a wonderful old Singer featherweight which was on display -and I am proud of that resistance, even if I didn't resist the urge to buy a very expensive 1 metre piece of fabric!

This fabric is full of Welsh symbols -corgis, castles, miners, choristers, dragons. As I had three Welsh born Welsh speaking grandparents, and I am the only member of the family who got the Welsh name, I feel quite nostalgic about Wales. This $18 piece of material is going to become a treasure.

I spent a happy day whilst everyone else was working, doing some sewing on my 'leader'/ender project. This is being made from scraps of everything. Imagine my delight when I realised that I have 120 out of the 160 blocks I need to make this into a queen size bed quilt!


Yet ANOTHER concert this afternoon -part of the Christmas/Birthday presents I got last year. It was absolutely lovely. I like the way this gift of tickets spreads the joy through the year -we have something to look forward to nearly every month.


We have picked a 3.5 kg pumpkin, which I am going to cut up. Some of it will be roasted and turned into pumpkin and couscous salad -which I can take to work for lunches this week.

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