Sunday, March 15, 2015

Using the good stuff

 I have had this lovely collection of Asian fabrics for too long now. I had an idea for how to use them, but I was putting it off. This weekend, encouraged by the Stashbusters group, I finally gave myself permission to cut them up!

 I made 16 10 inch blocks like this -nothing too complicated because I wanted the pretty fabrics to be appreciated for themselves. I LOVED finally playing with these fabrics-why had I waited so long?

When I put them on the design wall it was OK, but just too predictable.

I cut some 10.5 inch strips and started staggering the layout of the blocks. It is beginning to look better -there is more for the eye to look at, and I have been able to add more of my pretty fabrics.

This morning I played with the layout some more, but I reckon I can still do better.

I started imagining two columns made of Chinese Lantern blocks with a black background. That would make the quilt wider, and allow me even more fabrics to use in the quilt.

I am thinking of this kind of thing:

This quilt is going to be a quilt as you go quilt, so I am keeping in mind the need to create a layout that will accommodate that technique. Adding the lanterns will make it easier to quilt the columns and then join them together. 
So- I am having fun and finally using some of the 'good fabrics"!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Wonderful fun..all of it, great piecing, colors, just fun. But you should know that stashbusters and other webrings have all folded. I belonged to two different ones..Liberated Quilting and Art Quilters and both are gone so I checked on yours..yep, gone. After a lot of issues, hacking, trying to switch to a new server, the master owners did not pay their domain registration fee so none of that huge, huge, list of webrings is online anymore. End of an era, but with blogging on the decline ..even though many of us keep on blogging!'s all still rather sad. Keep blogging. I visit here quite often. And do come on over for a visit at mine!

earthmotherwithin said...

Michele, thanks for your comment. I can happily tell you that Stashbusters is still well and active. Our webpage is here

We are a Yahoo based group and you can apply to join us.