Sunday, September 11, 2016

A wonderful Sustainable House Open Day

This picture shows the wall quilt I hung outside for the day,on the wall near our entrance, with a variety of ornamental and edible foods in pots. 

We had an amazing day yesterday at our first Sustainable House Open Day, with a whopping 72 people coming through. My DD and DH did all the work on the day -because I was required to be at work yesterday (bad timing, eh?) and they were exhausted when I got home, but very very happy.

This picture shows us in the process of adding pea straw to the garden beds, near the new handrail DH made for our steps for public safety reasons, and with the shade sail up to show people how to get cooling when you don't have room for  a big tree. 

When you meet people who care about the things you care about it is most encouraging. We have a lovely collection of online friends, who are keen about slow and simple living, but sometimes it feels a bit lonely in the northern Perth suburbs if you don't know anyone else who is passionate about these things too. 

The appreciative comments make us realise what we have achieved! 

Some who came were interested in our retrofitted house, some in the garden, some in the passive heating and cooling features. I have now posted the leaflet about our house and garden  here.

Some people came from our own suburb, and had figured that looking at our house and garden would inform them about what was possible in their own. That alone encourages me-there are people nearby who care about this too! 

Our house and garden are looking pretty wonderful just now, so this week will be in full recovery mode! We are all tired and happy. 

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, EMW! I am glad you had so many people interested to come through your house and garden. What an amazing job you have done! If I lived closer I would have loved to come to see it all in person xx Fiona