Monday, April 24, 2017

All things bright

Here is the Yellow Quilt, also known as All Things Bright, which now has been assembled to this stage. My question is -is it finished, or will I add a border in some kind of solid? I tried to get a navy blue at the LQS today, but they didn't have one. I have black here and that would do quite well I think. Maybe 4 inches  or so. 

In other news, we have been working in the garden, sowing seeds and planting things. We were able to help a young gardener out. This person had advertised on a community Free-cyle type page that she was setting up a new garden and wanted cuttings. In the end she took quite a few of extras and doubles and cuttings we had around here. I think we passed on a large Lemon Grass, some Agapanthus, some bearded Iris, an Aloe Vera, some herbs and daisies and Frangipani.   The whole collection of pots and nursery items was getting out of hand, and it gave us a good feeling to pass them on. She was very excited to see our garden and what we are growing here!

One of the things that happens when you become interested in propagation, is that you can't help yourself in the presence of a likely volunteer plant, cutting or seed. There is thus always plenty to share around! 

Our neighbour provided me with a pot of lemon grass, and I am growing cuttings of Vietnamese Mint, one of which I will pass on to him! The secret, I have discovered, to both these plants is to keep them standing in a tray of water. I have Vietnamese Mint in a wicking pot, and it is doing very well.. 

I have Mizuna, Dill, Lettuce and hollyhock seedlings here at the moment. DH harvested some agapanthus seed, so he is experimenting. 

The Kangaroo Paw I grew from seed is now in the ground. It would be great to get some actual flowers in the spring. 

We celebrated DH's birthday (again) with not one but two concerts on the same day! The Fremantle Chamber Orchestra was my birthday gift, but we were contacted by a friend who had tickets they couldn't use for the WA Symphony Orchestra on the same day. Of course we were happy to take them off their hands.  It was a real feast of music. 

In between we strolled through the Stirling Gardens and had a lovely meal at the Perth Concert Hall. 

The view of Perth from the PCH balcony. The Council House has a light show on it at night - I caught it in the lime greeen phase of the show. 

Whilst I am writing this post, I must remind you to head on over to the page From My Kitchen, as I am adding recipes and ideas on a regular basis. This is largely so I don't forget the new things I have tried and made work, but you can find some new ideas too.

Finally, thanks to those who have left comments. I love to hear from you! 

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admin said...

Your quilt looks lovely you must be really proud. I'm not the best with choosing colours however a black border sounds like it would work well especially with the yellow.

I think you most certainly made someone very happy with all those cuttings. It's a win win. Being able to give and share really is a great feeling.

I've just had a look at your recipes and will keep a close eye on that page as I love cooking and finding new recipes. Like you I find it better to slowly add them to your blog so you then have them as well. I quickly posted one the other day whilst it was still fresh in my head.