Sunday, July 23, 2017

All the feels, all the finishes

My work colleagues gave me some lovely gifts on my retirement.

A big bunch of flowers.

Lots of cards.

Vouchers for quilting fabric. 

A limited edition print by Shokoofeh Azar, who was the talented artist whose work was a feature of the Seeking Refuge WA campaign.

My print is one of those signed by Shokoofeh . The painting s called 'The Night of the Poet Society (Four Birds)'. The vibrant prints featured in the Seeking Refuge WA crowdfunding campaign for the Humanitarian Group’s free legal clinic for people seeking asylum. I was involved with the Fair Go appeal committee which was behind these legal clinics, and this print means a huge amount to me.

A votive candle holder -in honor of all the vigils I have  organised and attended as part of my work. 

All of these things represent people and events we shared together. I can't look at them without thinking about all they represent. 

I finished  work on Thursday so it is a bit early to provide a report on retirement.

I have, however,  sung in my choir at St Barnabas' service this morning,

AND- just in time - I finished the baby quilt! 

This is the back I made from some fun fabric with Welsh motifs on it -castles, leeks, rugby players, choirs and, of course, dragons.

The quilt has just emerged from the dryer -it is now comfortingly crinkled and ready to come with me to visit our little family in Victoria, where a new baby is expected to add to the fun of our grandson (3) and grand daughter (5) at the end of September. 


admin said...

Congratulations on your retirement. Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts as wonderful reminders.
I really love the colours in your quilt. Happy and fun.
Such an exciting time for you now and ahead with another special grandchild to add to your joy.
Kylie xx

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

Happy retirement! It seems you've had wonderful colleagues.