Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A flurry of project related activities

DH completed this stud wall with insulation and colourbond, so that he can now completely close and lock the workshop we made for him from the single carport which is attached to our house.  There are roller doors on the front and back to allow access to the rear of the house if we need it.

A carpenter friend helped him with the frame, which they clad on the workshop side with marine ply which was going cheap at the shop. The frame was wood salvaged from a partition which was taken down at the church. The colourbond came ready cut, but DH needed to trim it a little. 

This is a project we have had in mind for many years -it is so good to see it completed.

It has created this little square space which is about the size of an apartment balcony, which is near our front door. Seemed like a great space for a small table and chairs to take advantage of being out of the wind but on the sunny north side during our winter. 

DH and DD are keen to see me go ahead and decorate this space -so the challenge is there! They think the table needs a cloth, and the chairs need cushions, and maybe we can have a trailing plant hung on the wall.....

Our limes are fantastic at the moment, so I made some lime pickle. It needs a week or so to develop its flavour -haven't tried it yet! The bundt cake uses sourdough starter -I made it with cherry jam. 

We are also picking pomegranates and our first quinces, whilst the olives are turning black on the tree. 

But it hasn't been all hard work -we escaped to the country to a Quilt Show in Harvey, and had a lovely day. The quilts were excellent, and DH and I really enjoyed our lunch in a nearby cafe, too.

There is something quite charming about that light in the old church, and the wooden floors glowing in it. The quilts were excellent!

I don't think I showed you the bags I made- did I? This is my favourite. I found an  embroidery panel in an op shop and couldn't leave it behind. I made two others, using old conference give-away cloth bags as the interior lining and straps. 

This is my newest quilt on the design wall. I am using a new Accuquilt Go die that I was given at Christmas time, to make the snowball blocks. The rest are scraps in green, yellow, orange and brown. As it comes together I am really enjoying it -it looks like X and O -and the blocks merge together as a kind of Moroccan carpet effect. 

Did I mention that I love scrappy quilts? LOL

Friends gave us tickets to hear the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Chorus play the Beethoven 9. It was amazing -standing ovations ! 
That guy Beethoven really knew how to make music! 

Dora is doing her own projects: asking for food, asking why there is so much noise, asking to be let out (and in again 5 seconds later) and in between times, looking cute and photogenic. Here she is posing with Auntie's sewing machine. 

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Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I love lime pickle. Mouth watering. :)
Your bag is beautiful. I have several cloth bags I got from conferences and use them for groceries. One of these days I'll try to make them prettier by following your method. :)