Monday, May 7, 2018

Out and about in autumn in Perth

From the beach to the bush, there have been some great outings this week. Autumn mild weather has been perfect for walking. We are so lucky to be 15 minutes from the beach and 30 minutes from Walyunga National Park. 

On the Slow Home podcast, Brooke recently encouraged us all to go outside for an hour a day -and you know, we all should! It is so good for our mental and physical health. 

In between these two visits, I have done a LOT of work in the garden -most mornings about 2 hours has been spent tidying and light pruning in anticipation of winter -if it ever gets here.  There is a huge pile of prunings and weeds ready to take to the tranfer station, where they shred it and turn it into mulch, which we can then bring home for the garden.

Only problem -our trailer is in Albany -300k south of here. DH and I cannot find two days in a row when we could go down and pick it up. In a way it would be a real shame to hurry that trip anyway -we love Albany and it has been too long since we were there.

We have also done some preserving of pears -which a shop was selling at $2 per kilo near us. That is the price signal for DH to start bottling. 

 I made pomegranate molasses.

I finished the charity quilt top I was working on, made from donated blocks and parts of blocks. Now working on the back and binding, but in between doing some voluntary work...wait...this quilt is voluntary work too.....

Anyway, we have had a full week indeed.

DGD turned 6 this week -and we have started earnestly planning our next trip to see them in Victoria at the end of July.

Much happiness.  

I hope your days are full and happy too -at least some of the time! 

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Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

The beach is beautiful. I like beaches, especially when there are no crowds. Your beach seems to be a quiet place.