Monday, August 19, 2019

Island life -another weekend

DH took a turn on a duty roster on Wadjemup (also known as Rottnest Island) this past weekend. The roster provides cheap accommodation, and subsidised ferry ride for him. It was open for me to go for a relatively small price too, but I wasn't sure. It is winter here, and the 23 km stretch of water between Fremantle and the island is notorious for being rough even in summer! 

In the end I decided to brave it and booked my tickets a few days out...and watched as the forecast began inexorably to link our travel time with the onset of a huge wind and potential storm. Oh great! I bought some sea sickness pills and we had a wild ride, with the largish and fast ferry bumping it's way through the waves and swells. Up the wave we went---the boat was above the water---and then bang, down we plunged! 

We survived, remarkably well, and I felt (and still feel) very proud of myself for conquering my fears and doing it anyway! The weather was setting in for a big storm, so we took ourselves to the island store for a few groceries and snuggled in for a night of reading novels and eating pizza! 

The next morning, the storm had pretty much blown itself out. We ventured out for a walk to the closest lighthouse. It did rain again in the afternoon, but we were again snug in our little cabin.

Sunday was the day DH had duties, but they were over in time for us to take the island bus to the furthest part of the island, the West End called Cape Vlamingh. The colours in these pictures are not enhanced at all- this is as it looked on the day! 

The little Thompson Bay settlement is a meeting place for island visitors. On the Sunday we ate lunch in the pub, which was a nice treat.

The trip back on Monday was a delight -absolutely flat calm and sunny!

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TheAwakenedSoul said...

How wonderful. I love taking ferry boats. I know what you mean about seasickness. It sounds like a fantastic trip!