Monday, September 14, 2020

Keeping things simple

 Since last week's post we have celebrated Father's Day and our Number 2 DGS's third birthday. As a result we had a lot of lovely family time. Not only that, but we also had some warm spring days so I was able to enjoy both the beach and the river. We are so lucky to have these things fairly close to our home, so we can enjoy them regularly. I don't need a lot of entertaining - a walk outdoors will please me, especially if I have company. 

At home I am as always trying to keep things simple. My achievements this week included:

  • Sowing some snake bean seed I saved from a vine growing over a fence nearby -and they have started to come up!
  • I gave away a pallet garden to a neighbour who had more use for it than I did. DH made this a few years ago, and I had tried various places and various uses, but decided it wasn't really working for me.
  • Planted more peas and beans
  • Sprayed the grapevines with a 10% milk solution to manage fungus problems- I am told I need to do this every week for a while until the summer sets in
  • Did some weeding and made a 'weed tea' to use as a fertiliser. This is the thing where you soak the weeds in a bucket of water for a couple of weeks and then use the water as fertiliser. I was told it stinks, and it really does! I am experimenting to see if it is worth doing.
  • Did a bit of a re-organisation of a few cupboards and drawers to make things easier to find under the sink and so on
  • I made a some Russian Black bread and some sourdough bread too
  • I have been working behind the scenes on some admin for the community choir we are involved in
  • I picked up a glass bottle which a neighbour was sure was 'too good' to just throw away - and I repurposed it as a vase for my iceberg roses. 
  • I made a batch of onion jam which my DDIL and DS rather enjoyed. The recipe is here  DH added a cup of chopped fennel tops to it when he made it and that is a lovely variation. 

I am trialing a new-to-me budgetting software progam and I think we will find it more simple to use. I won't name it just now, because it is early days, but if it turns out as it has started it will make it even easier for both DH and I to know what our money is going on and why, in real time. 

Apart from all this, I have had some good books to read, some music to watch on YouTube and some happy chats with friends and family.

This is the life I wanted all those years ago when I took those first tentative steps on the simple living path. I wanted a slower, more creative and happier way of life. It is a good life and gives me opportunities to grow and develop as a person in my resilience and skills. Even though we all know the times are bad, we also know that we can only take one day at a time, one moment at a time, and do the best we can. I try to see the positive where I can, and stay true to my values and ideals. As the permaculture people have it "Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share."

Thanks to all those who commented on my quilt last week. I am taking it to my quilt guild tomorrow to 'show and tell'. 



A lovely post, and a timely reminder to just enjoy what we have, and to live simply during these difficult times. It's a shame there had to be such a medical calamity for many people out there to start appreciating the simpler things in life. It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world. I hope your week goes well, Pauline

sustainablemum said...

Weed tea does stink, I make it every year here too with nettles and comfrey - not in the same 'tea'. I hope yours works for your garden. You live in a beautiful part of the world, how wonderful to have such a lovely beach so near to you. There is something magical about the sea, it ia long drive from here and is not somewhere we go very often.