Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baking Day

It is the last day of my holiday, and I celebrated by getting into the kitchen to bake a loaf of bread from scratch, using the very helpful tutorial from the ALS website ( .

In the picture you can see the last slice of my Lemon and Poppyseed cake.

There is a chicken roasting in the oven right now, and as soon as it is done, I will be putting another cake in. I am planning a date loaf to use up some dates etc that I have in the kitchen at the moment.

I am sorry my holiday is almost over. I get such joy out of the simple things I do at home, that I wish I could afford to cut back to half time and spend more time doing these sorts of things.

My working life is very challenging and it takes up so much of my time, but at the moment, with my two adult children still at home and still students, I don't think we can afford for me to cut back yet. It is part of the plan, however and one of the reasons I work so hard on living simply and watching our spending is to prove that we could live on less cash.

So I need to keep on making sure that when I do have time for simple things, I make the most of it.

I am determined this winter to do more of:
  • scrapbooking
  • sewing
  • reading
  • gardening (well, it needs to be done and the weather is not so bad here that you can't spend some time out of doors)
  • exercising (same as last point)
I am going to spend less time doing:
  • watching TV
  • eating the wrong things
  • shopping
I will use this blog to keep myself on track!

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Nicole said...

hey Earth Mother
just saw your comment on my blog from May, i really am hopless some times. just thought id pop in & say hey & have a look around. your bread looks so inviting, i hope it tasted as good as it looks.

Nicole :o)