Friday, May 2, 2008

Home care not housework

Today is Saturday, my husband is away, and I am at home. I have chosen to see today as "Home care day" rather than housework day.

Today I choose to care for my home as a way of expressing my love for my family, and my own self-respect.
Caring for things we have shows that we value them, and if they are cared for they last for years and we enjoy them for years.
The picture is of some pretty china I have found in the op shop over recent times. I like it and it gets used when I am doing Afternoon Tea with all the trimmings. I use my pretty china and my op-shop found napkins, and we enjoy some home baked delights.

I love my home. I value it and I want it to be clean and tidy.

So today I have brought in some washing and washed some more.

I have cleaned the fridge inside and out.

I have wiped over the kichen cupboard doors.

I have emptied the bins and taken the recycles out.

I replaced my peg bag with one I made in about 10 minutes on the sewing machine.

This afternoon I will be making chicken and vegetable soup. We will eat it with scones from the freezer and I will put some away in small containers for lunches during the week.

I am also going to do some baking -probably a date loaf.

I am determined not to go near the shops, not even the op shop, so that I can stay home and enjoy it.

My day -Home care Saturday.

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