Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shady solutions

We used to have trees on the north of our house -palm trees and other scruffy types that kept the house cool in summer but also kept all the sun off the winter garden.

Last year the trees came out.

Now we are planning a pergola on the north side of the house with deciduous vines to shade the house in summer but let the light in, in winter. Realistically speaking, this will not be built for some time, so what to do?

One of the AussiesLivingSimply members had an idea, which sparked an idea in me.

We made blinds for the northern side out of shadecloth. I just used a staple gun (no, not the office type-bigger) to staple the fabric to battens, then my Darling Man screwed them to the wall. These will stay in place over the summer.

We are delighted with the result. We can see through the blinds from the inside, but they make the windows private from the outside. Inside the rooms, the effect is one of lots of light which seems to be bounced around the room. The room is not at all dark, like it would be with canvas blinds.

I don't know how much cooling they will do, however, as it has been raining ever since we put them up (LOL).

The same day we put up the blinds, my Darling Man put up a shade sail on the west of the house, over my new raised garden bed. We want to shade the dining room, which is our only west-facing room, and provide some protection for the veggies from the very hot overhead sun in the summer.


SubtropicalHappiness said...

You will be absolutely amazed at the difference the North Pergola will make believe me.
Usually we have got the fans running in the weather we have been having but since the pergola was constructed they are sitting there getting dusted weekly and cursed every time I kick my toe on the legs LOL
Hugs to you

Nicole said...

you veggie garden is looking great.
nice work with the shadecloth, i bet the ones on your windows will keep the rooom nice & cool.

ButterflyGirl said...

I live the look of those blinds I might have to copy your idea for the back of my house which faces East and gets all the morning sun, which is quite warm in summer. I had been thinking about roller shutters but I dont like thinking about the cost. This might be just what I'm after.