Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's the day

Inspired by is a day in my life. Jenny's friends do this on the 14th of every month, but I can only do this on a Sunday so here goes:

6.30 am -woke up without the alarm, which is a real luxury around here. My darling man brought breakfast -a real feast of home made muesli and home made yoghurt, with strawberries and tinned peaches. Earl Grey tea in my favourite Royal Albert china mug.

7.30 am -fresh coffee in the lounge room. I am wearing my dressing gown and ugh boots (nice and warm). Darling Son and Darling Man are off to church -I am going to stay home this morning and get some jobs done that must be done today. We chat about the subscriptions we may take up next year to live music concerts -the Australian Chamber Orchestra was delightful, in its setting in the Governor's ball room, the WA Uni music society gives great variety... can we afford the WA Symphony Orchestra too?

8.30 -try on the frock I am going to adapt for the 1920s theme party next week in honor of my neice's 21st. Try out all the jewellery too. Fun!

8.45 -notice the washing powder box is low. Make up new batch - 4 cups Lux flakes, 2 cups Borax, 2 cups washing soda. Remember my sister in law wanted the recipe, so sit down at the computer and write to her. We have been using this recipe, which is Rhonda's, for over a year. It works well. As we wash in cold water, we dissolve 2 tablespoons per wash in about 2 cups warm water. This lasts for ages, and is so much cheaper than factory made washing powders. It has almost no smell -last year on holiday I washed in factory washing powder, and for a whole week i was struck by the strong smell of the clothes. I remember my amazement when I first discovered that it was possible to wash clothes with stuff I made up at home, from the kind of ingredients our grandmothers would have used.

9.00 - have started this blog, and am in danger of being totally sidetracked. Fortunately my lovely chiming clock has reminded me of the passing of time. I must go and get started on that dress.

9.45 -time for a cuppa again. Quick clean up of the ktichen as I go -breakfast dishes have been soaking in the sink so it only takes a minute. Time to set up the sewing machine - I have cut the dress down to knee length and am adding handkerchief points to the overlay.

10.15 and I have the lights on. The rain is falling - a real blessing as we had a very dry August. I had turned off the automatic watering again a week ago, as we had started to have a few showers, but was getting worried that the ground was getting dry and hard so soon. Some good rain will make the farmer's crops come on again for the last growing spurt before harvest. That means wheat and canola for the world, as Western Australia has a large export market for both of these.

12.0o noon. the dress is ready and the headband is done ( a bit wobbly) and I am now getting my daughter to add a band to her hat. Modelled my outfit and got some good feedback from the family so that was worth it. Son and husband back from church and visiting my elderly in-laws. Lunch is being made with the sandwich toaster.

OOPS - the big wind has shredded one of our shade sails. Well, it had done several seasons, so we will just get another.

12.14 -someone recently expressed amazement about the idea of a plastic-free kitchen and declared that it was not possible to do without plastic wrap. Found this link whilst waiting for Darling Man to make me an avocado and turkey toasted sandwich.

1.00 -checking out the simple savings forum. Decided that I should go and do some cooking -make some things for lunches this week as there is not much around. We rely on 'leftovers' but the only thing in the freezer is two boxes of pumpkin soup.

Think I will do some peasant veggie soup using the turnips from the garden and the bok choy and such, and I will make a quiche for tea. Whilst using the oven I will use up some things in the pantry to make muffins etc

2.13 sitting down for a while to rest while my cake cooks. The soup had onion. potato and celery which were not grown at home. My celery is not big enough yet. I grew the turnips, the bok choy and silverbeet and the parsley -big handfuls each.

3.15 dear daughter is making me a big pot of coffee. Chocolate cake to go with it. Quiche is in the oven. That's it -my back hurts and someone else is going to have to clean the kitchen!

So - I think I will enjoy a small piece of cake and some coffee and then read for a while.

5.25 -off to our Home Church group.

7.30 -arrive back in time for Doctor Who. We eat in the family room -this is why dinner has to be done early!

8.30-that is it. Time to finish my book, off to bed and the whole week starts again. 0 comments

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