Friday, September 12, 2008

Home improvements -something finished!

We have at last had the front brickpaving completed. Yippee! This has been a long time in the planning, but it is so good to have it done.
The aim is to reduce our water use -the lawn which was here was not attractive and was a lot of work too.
My son can park his car here too.
Our water bill this time has shown nearly 30% less water than at this time a year ago, as a result of a number of projects we are doing now.
My Darling Man worked very hard to prepare this area so for Father's day we bought him a shed, which will be delivered this coming week.
However, he had more work to do to get a place ready for the shed, so he had to lay 58 slabs!
As the shed we bought was bigger than we had planned, he also had to remove our old rotary clothes line and put up a parallel line one (LOL!)
It is great to have all these projects completed. Thanks to my Darling Man, of course.

(I supply the ideas)


Belinda said...

Hi EarthMotherWithin,

I would love to have you join our small group.. please email me, ,from your preferred email address and I will send out the invite.

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Nicole said...

nice work with all the paving