Saturday, September 20, 2008

The shed is up and set up too

Well, the guys came and put up the shed, so we spent a few mornings before work moving the stuff into it. Darling Man is very happy, and is even talking about "Organising" it.

The carport is now clear of junk as we have also had a skip delivered so that building rubble and other stuff can go out. Whilst my aim is to have nothing leave the site, this is not really always possible and I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes things will go to the tip. My comfort is that this is much less than we used to send there.

So here is a picture of the new addition, which has coincidentally made more light into the kitchen, which is a nice bonus.

We have decided that there is no point any more with what is left of the lawn so we will be turning the area, apart from a path to the clothes line, into more veggie patch (Happy Happy Happy...doing the happy dance!)

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Nicole said...

everyone needs a shed or 2, lov that the paving extends out the front