Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pantry tales

I have been challenged by the Aussies Living Simply conversations about a plastic-free kitchen. I have heard radio interviews with people who are challenging our assumptions that all plastic is safe-and have felt the wisdom of it.

There are several problems with plastic:
* it is made from petrochemicals which are of course damaging to the earth's sustainability
* it does not break down in the landfill so it adds to the burden of the rubbish on the earth
*heating food in plastic may leach chemicals into the food. Of course there are containers sold as being suitable for this purpose -some people are wondering how safe they really are.
*storing food in plastic over a long period of time may leach plastic into the food due to 'offgassing". This may be especially so for some foods more than others.

I am more interested in using glass and ceramics for the fact that they are safer for the earth, than wondering if all plastic is dangerous to our health, although I am happy to keep an open mind on this.

I have been gradually adding to my collection of containers for foodstuffs which are made from glass or crockery. I have found a number of them in op-shops which is great, because it means that when I use them I am extending their useful life and the energy required to make them is not required again to make new ones for me.

I must admit I also like the look of them, and the feel of them!

The picture is of one of the shelves in my pantry which is where I store the goods for my home-made muesli. I like to keep a variety of ingredients like:
*rolled oats
*rolled wheat
*oat bran
*processed bran (for 'crunch)
*flaked coconut

We make up a batch of the muesli which goes on our breakfast, on top of the good ol' aussie Weetbix we eat every morning. We top it with sliced bananas. prunes and home made Greek Yoghurt.

Keeps us going all morning !

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