Sunday, January 18, 2009

Routines and when to break them

One of the joys of being on holiday was the fun of breaking out of our routines: changing our sleeping patterns, doing things of the spur of the moment.

Now that I am back at work, it is necessary to get into some routines, just to survive.

The Morning Routine is a lifesaver -DH and I walk around the streets for half an hour, talking and enjoying the morning. Then we say the Daily Office and have coffee. Then we are ready to go to work.

I have a Menu Plan for summer and winter. This enables me to know what is for dinner each evening, and to shop accordingly. It cuts down the unnecessary decision making, and because it is there for anyone to read, anyone who is home can help get things ready.

I also am making sure this year that I spend two hours on Saturday morning doing a ' house blessing"-the basic cleaning that means that the place will be tidy and peaceful all week.

After these things are done, it is 'my time'. The picture is of my knitting and some of my recent reading.

All of these routines are necessary for an orderly and productive life, but every now and again we still enjoy breaking out. Today we went on a train trip the whole length of the line from Clarkson in the north to Mandurah in the south -1 hour and 25 minutes away. It was great fun to get away and avoid our responsibilities for a while.

Now it is back to work for another week, and my routines will help me keep things under control until next weekend and some 'me time"

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