Saturday, February 21, 2009


There is a sheoak in the park which is currently producing its fruits. This has meant that it is a magnet for the local birds. There were at least 26 white cockatoos in the tree when I went out early one morning this week. I have also seen pink and grey galahs, but not quite as many at once.

There are so many birds in this neighbourhood. It is a great delight to see them, and the more we look, the more we learn about what they feed on and where they go from week to week.

The good thing about the birds this week is that we are seeing more birds in our own garden. There has been a willy wagtail who has taken up residence, even venturing frequently under the patio to search for little bugs. He is too fast for me to take a picture, however!

We also have resident wattle birds and butcher birds. I take this as a good sign of some 'balance' emerging in the garden.

I have today fed the eggplant which has lots of leaves but no fruit, with some potash in the hope of encouraging the formation of fruit and flowers.

I have given the citrus a small feed, just to help them along and also fed the roses.

I had some trace elements to scatter around too. Apparently sandy soils like ours are often deficient in these things.

This week I need to get into planting some new things in the veggie patch. Given the hot weather to come, I am going to try more lettuce and some new beans.

Finally, picture of some new soft toys which came home to us this week:

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