Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheer yourself up

Little things make me happy.

Green hydrangeas in a vase.

My Bush radio with a dial that says I can tune to Luxembourg! Reminds me of my English childhood. In my mind's eye I can see my brothers listening to 'pirate' radio in their bedroom.

Gingham tablecloth, beautifully embroidered, found at the op shop for a song. I love the fact that one woman somewhere made it for her home, and I rescued it for mine.

Music -always, and especially when it is live music.

Dancing -not in public! But it does feel good.

Gardening. Losing myself in the moment, noticing what has changed, what is responding to my attentions.

Cooking. I do find this relaxing.

Walking outdoors, especially at the beach.

Embroidered pictures in my laundry -more rescues!

Nearly all of these things make me happy and cost very little. Many require a bit of effort, which makes the reward even more satisfying.

Simple things that make me happy.

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