Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just add water

Woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. We have had a very dry start to winter, so any rain is very welcome. Up to 10 am today we had 10 mls in the gauge which is in my raised veggie patch, which is very good news indeed.

The garden looks beautiful in the rain.

We have finally removed the summer shadecloth covers from the veggie garden and the house windows. It really has been too hot to do so until now.

The cauliflowers and broccoli are going well and I have replanted my rainbow chard. The lettuces are looking splendid, especially the mizuna.

I also have portabello mushrooms on the go. Just add water and in ten days the baby mushrooms will appear!

Today I will be adding water to the clothes in the washing machine. Not a great day for washing normally, but last year we put in a clothes line under the eaves, and they will be sheltered there.

I am going to my lovely quilting class in the hills tomorrow, so I had better get my washing on the go today.

Other than that, I am adding water to yeast and flour.
My daughter is very interested in us having a go at our own cheesy vegemite scrolls. Here is a picture of the wholemeal bread I made yesterday. Strange, seems like there is not a lot left!

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