Monday, September 28, 2009

Do something real on a long weekend.

Today was a holiday in Western Australia. That means a three day weekend.

We have filled it full of wonderful things that restore the soul and add to our lives. None of these things required much in the way of money and all of them involved us being active and interested in our lives and the lives of others.

On Saturday I went up to Trish's place to learn how to do free motion quilting -that weird thing when you drop the feed dogs and move the fabric at will, drawing with your sewing machine. Wow, what fun! I can really see how I will be adding this to my repertoire of skills to make my quilting projects quite individual and fun. The latest project is a whole cloth quilt for my niece's baby.

On Sunday I slept in and that meant that we were a bit late with a few ideas we had. No problem however to rustle up a salad or two so that we could have a barbeque lunch with a friend of ours.

Then my dear friend from school days and her husband came to look at my veggie garden! That was a lovely thing to do.

Then we were off to our Sunday night home group. What a supportive group we are becoming. We share each other's ups and downs and we care for each other.

Today I slept in again (this must be a record!).
The weather had turned rainy and cold so I used my time finally putting together the quilt sandwich for the whole cloth quilt for my niece's baby. It is a tough job doing this on the floor when you are as ancient as I am!

DH enjoyed an afternoon nap under the quilt I made at Trish's class.

And our elderly cat slept alongside.

Then I potted up the seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago into newspaper pots and soaked a big block of coir to put in the raised garden bed.

The day ended with a lovely roast chicken -free range of course, and roast veggies. A DVD of Poirot makes for a fun and life-giving weekend.

Hope yours was the same!

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