Saturday, October 3, 2009


There were flowers and a beautiful gift of a new Greek icon of Sophia (Wisdom) and her daughters
Faith, Hope and Love.

There was champagne when I got home from work on Friday!


Regular readers may remember a post I made last year here which talked about some promises I had made to myself. One of these talked about getting a new job. Yes I have done it! I announced on Thursday to the Committee that I was leaving my work of 13 years in a not for profit agency, the last 10 of these as Executive Officer.

I am proud of myself for dong this before I had actually received an offer for a new job. It felt like I was jumping out of the aeroplane without a parachute!

However the very next morning I received word that I had been offered a job that I had applied for -one I was describing as my 'dream job".

When I made the decision to leave, I wrote a list of what I wanted in a new job -and this one fitted the bill almost to a T. I wanted to work for another not-for-profit agency, with a strong track record of getting things done. I wanted a project position that would give me back some face-to-face work with clients as I find this most energising. I wanted a training component to the position as I love that part of the work. I wanted a fairly short term position -after so long in one spot I just wanted some freedom and variety. And I wanted a challenge!

And I will start this new position very soon. It is all of the above.

Of course it is a bit scary. There is always grief at leaving some things that were worth having in the other position. But I am very grateful to have got this far. I took some risks, I made some hard decisions. For me-for happier days.

My original post made these promises to myself. Here is the promised update:

1. I will take my long service leave which is so overdue... I will do it for myself, to care for myself. I will take a trip, I will do a retreat, I will organise craft classes and learn new skills.

Action so far:
I took my Annual leave -learned patchwork and quilting -went on a retreat.

Goal Completed!

2. I will try as hard as I can to finish the mortgage payments completely so that I can take the pressure off myself if I need to get out of my present job into something kinder for me-less hours, less money but more life..

We are still making extra mortgage repayments but we are soo close to the end! This job I have taken does not have the 'less hours' that I wanted, but hopefully in the next 2 years this will be a reality. Goal 70% completed.

3. I will learn new ways of tackling conflict so that I don't get so damaged, and that includes learning to put boundaries around hurtful relationships.

. I have been working on this one with my spiritual director, and I am booked in to some workshops too. Pleased with my progress - and the healing which is going on. Goal 60% completed.

4. I will be braver than I was.
I have been taking some risks, doing some things I haven't done before. Mixed results, but I am not stopping yet. Still doing this -see above! Goal 60% completed.

5. I will let the day's troubles be sufficient for the day. No importing tomorrow's worries into today.

: Still working on these, but I think I am getting there. Goal 50% completed.

5. I will put my energies into life giving things and walk away from the places where my gifts are wasted. No regrets, just the wrong place for me.

: Done in one major area of my life -goal 50% completed.

6. I will love more, laugh lots, and grow more fruit!

: Planted passionfruit, cape gooseberries. Need a trellis for the grapes. Taking more time to go off and do things that are fun. Goal 50% completed.

7. I will finish my Diploma of Business. Done! Goal 100% completed.

8. I will practice gratitude-all the time. Goal 80% completed.

That is it for now, but I intend to come back and update it.

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Penny said...

Eira, I am very happy for you that you will be starting your new job which sounds perfect for you. Well done indeed on all the things you have achieved so far - that's a very impressive list!