Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am so stingy that (part 2)

I have some celery plants. They are too bitter to eat raw. So I decided today to make cream of celery soup.

I took the bones of a chicken which made our picnic lunch yesterday. I boiled them for stock.

Then I added the celery and leaves of about 1 whole bunch of celery, an onion, a quarter of pumpkin and two potatoes and boiled them for about two hours..

I tasted the soup . EEEK. It was bitter!

OK time to experiment.

I added a pinch of salt. I added two desertspoons of sugar.
Still bitter.

I added a desertspoon of chicken stock powder. One tspn of curry powder.


Ok now I am desperate. Don't want to throw this out!

Added half a jar of applesauce and one whole can of coconut milk.

Blended it with my lovely bamix.

Served it with home made scones. Vietnamese mint sprinked on top.

The comment from my daughter made it all worth while:

"Strangely this works! I would eat this again! WIN! 8-)

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