Monday, January 11, 2010

Take care of yourself

I did manage a walk on my favourite beach this weekend, but not a whole lot more, I was feeling a bit under the weather -nothing serious mind, but enough to need a weekend off doing recuperative, restful, gentle things.

No big projects happened.

No craft.

I did have a long afternoon nap.

I did go to bed early.

I just let go of what I had planned, and took care of myself. Thankfully my family are very supportive of such moments, and were very happy just to let me do what needed to be done. Those with more energy than me this weekend did the important stuff to keep the household going, and one dear man took it on himself to do what he could to spoil me rotten!

Strangely, most of the women I talk to find this extremely difficult to do. Just today I heard of a woman who, having seriously injured her thumb whilst cooking, and just wrapped it in a bandage and kept on working! I wonder why we do this 'martyr thing" so readily? Sure, we have a lot of responsibilities and take them seriously, as we should. But if we don't take care of ourselves, who will?

So, not a lot of stuff to write about tonight, except that the simple life really needs to be simplicity itself sometimes!

By the way, by Sunday afternoon I had recovered enough to cook a nice free range chicken roast and make soup for later, and freeze it!

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