Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the changes

Today's pictures are of the wonderful Italian banquet that my DH gave for a group of friends and I last night -New Year's Eve- in honour of my birthday. They are in order of appearance
  • Tasting Plates of olives and salami served with asparagus and roasted capsicum;
  • Sicilian pasta with garlic and silverbeet;
  • Osso Bucco,
  • Insalata of tomatoes and capers;
  • Watermelon Pudding
  • and a great Italian torte
    Thanks Darling!

When I think back over 2009, it is with a sense of amazement at what changes I made, mostly as a result to the way I changed my thinking. It seems to me that if 2010 is going to be better as a year for me, it is important to notice this and to build upon it.

For example, I learned how to quilt when I was on Long Service Leave, and I kept on quilting because
  • I signed up for more classes even when I went back to work and
  • I learned how to make quilts in the evening and at weekends, even if it did mean that I had to set up and put away afterwards.
You see, I had always thought that it was too hard to do this -"I do not have time on my weekends to go to classes -the housework takes up all the time there is! It takes too long to set up the ironing board, to clear off the dining table so that I could cut my fabric and so on". When I decided that the effort was worth the inconvenience, I had great fun and gave myself a much needed creative outlet.

I made several promises to myself at this time last year, and I kept many

of them. This was in part due to the fact that I changed my priorities in order to give some kindness to myself. I made changes in the way I worked and the way I played. I started putting some boundaries around hurtful relationships.

Last night's celebrations were in honour of my 55th Birthday. For lots of people -for me at one stage, such a number would bring horrible thoughts such as " I am getting old!" (which of course is true) but I have a different attitude since a life threatening illness some years ago taught me better. Each year is a jewel to be treasured, and the more of them you have the richer you are.

I find myself more content with each passing year, more self-aware and more sure of what I know to be true, and less sure of everything else! These are great gifts in themselves and I want to build on these too in the new year.

I am quite sure that there is a way of thinking about life which treasures the things that last -things like wisdom and friendship and hope -and lets the rest go. If I have a New Year Resolution, it is to focus even more on these things.

I hope you all have a wonderful year in 2010 !

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