Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas where the gum trees grow

.....there is no frost and there is no snow!

I have noticed that lots of my blogging friends in the northern hemisphere are getting snow for Christmas. I think I like it fine this way! I had snow when I was a little girl in Liverpool. Nice one day, a pain for months after that.

We started our summer holiday ritual of walking on the beach last weekend. We kick off our shoes and go barefoot, just on the edge of the water where the sand is cool and the odd wave comes in to wash between our toes.

Up to the reef and the rocks. Find the crabs scuttling to shelter.

Back the other way to the surf club, past the fisherfolk angling for herring.

Smile at the young parents with their babies having their first trip to the beach. Toes in the water.

Give a smile to the guy who always runs at this hour every morning. How old is he really? 60? 70?

Let the wind blow your hair. Admire the young people getting ready for the Marathon.

Hopefully we will be walking in the early morning every morning we can as long as summer lasts.

For Christmas Day itself, we are planning a bit of a special breakfast at home for the Day. I am thinking of scrambled eggs and leg ham, followed by rye bread toast with grilled figs (if I can find any) and Little River's "Brut de Brut" sparkling wine. (The EU says we are not allowed to call it the Champ....gne word because we are not French!)

This followed by a salad lunch with DHs family. I am bringing the salads and they will supply roasted meat (cooked outside on the barbie) and desserts. Well, it will be at least 36 degrees C!

Boxing Day will be a huge get together for my side of the family and we will have a " bring and share'" relaxed meal, with presents for the kids and a swim in the pool for anyone who wants one.

Happy Christmas everyone. Take time to enjoy the ones you love. Several sad things have happened to us and our extended networks this month to make us even more aware of the need to just enjoy and love the ones we care about, whilst we have them with us.

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Penny said...

I'm not jealous as I love the snow!! OK, maybe a bit envious of the barbie! :)

Happy christmas to you and all the family,

Cuz Penny