Sunday, April 18, 2010

Riot of colour

I have been quilting again!

I plucked up the courage to take my queen sized quilt to a local person who has an enormous long-arm quilting machine. Surprisingly she did not comment at all on the small but obvious flaws in the top, (blush) instead we spent time choosing a lovely over-all pattern and the thread which will be used to sew it all together. It will take a few months for her to be able to quilt my top, as she has such a lot of work on, but I am glad to see it off to its next stage of development, because there is so much else happening.

My DD and I made the 'quilt sandwich' today for the king size single quilt I have made recently with all the lovely colours in it. You can see that Lady, our very elderly cat, came out of her usual sleep mode long enough to inspect progress as the green spotted border went on. This quilt has been a joy to make, because I have just loved the colours.

I think I can quilt this one at home, as it is going to be quite simple and I think I can -just-manage it. Mind you it is quite a big quilt and there will be moments when I wonder why I started!

Yesterday I was back in my lovely sewing class as I am embarking on several new projects.

One is a Jan Mullens pattern called " Dark Nightz" and I am making this as a comforter size, using all my scraps in new ways. It is a fun project and not too complicated.

Next Saturday I will be back in class, this time making a jelly roll quilt. I have some luscious moda prints called "Bistro" and I am really looking forward to another jelly roll quilt as they are such fun to make.

None of this activity is exciting enough yet for Lady to be particularly interested however. Her interest is only when the project is on the floor!

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