Sunday, April 11, 2010

There was a wedding here

My sister in law is now married to her lovely man. What a happy time it was.

It was also quite a simple family affair.

My son played his violin, my husband was on the piano, his sister on the organ and a friend played trumpet. Some friends sang for us whilst the register was signed.

My brother in law drove the car -which belonged to the groom.
The bride's son read a Bible reading, as did the sister of the groom.

My other sister in law worked on the invitations, order of service and other printed material.

We had cake in the church hall after the service, then went to a restaurant for a lovely meal. The tables were decorated by a friend. The table decorations were given out at the end of the service to some of the many people who had contributed to make the day a success.

Yes it is a relief it is now over -no wedding comes together without some stresses and tears and worries. But the best thing of all is that two people who could do with some companionship and affection have found each other, after some pretty turbulent years each of them had to face alone. Happiness always to the bride and groom!

AND happy birthday to my two gorgeous men -my son and my husband, both of whom are celebrating this weekend!

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Penny said...

How lovely! It sounds like a beautiful day for them both and for you all. And a happy birthday to the boys!