Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here are some thrifty things we have been doing this weekend.

We noticed our neighbour was throwing out some white tiles, during the last Council Clean Up weekend. DH rescued them and this weekend he has been laying them in the porch outside our front door.

The area is very dark -dark bricks, dark floor. The idea of tiling had occurred to us, and these tiles turned up at the right time.

We had to buy cement and grout for the tiles, and DH needed a special tool so I guess it cost $100 all up to do this makeover. (the tool is ready for other jobs, of course). The picture was taken yesterday, before the grout was applied.

We have already noticed how much the tiles reflect light into this dark space, and when we get our new doors installed soon, it is going to be quite transformed.

Spring time is nearly here, and I noticed these bright place mats in the local op shop for $1 each. I think they are just the thing for a spring weekend lunch.

It was the same op shop that supplied this lovely box with red butterflies. All it needed was a split pin to hold the lid, and I am delighted that it matches my desk mouse pad. I am using it to hide my camera cable etc.

We planted this lavender in the veggie patch to encourage the bees to hang around and pollinate our veggies. I get to look at this loveliness, the bees like the flowers and everyone is happy. I guess it cost about $4.oo.

AND all these lovely green leaves, for salads. They are quite perfect at the moment, given the showers of rain, and so fresh and healthy. This tub probably cost $12 for the seedlings.

We planted some early tomatoes, peas and more lettuce today. Well, in a few weeks these lettuces will be finished, and lettuce leaves are one of our favourite garden crops.

Thank you for those who leave comments. I am always delighted to get them.

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