Sunday, August 15, 2010

Time for a progress report-DH at work!

My Dear Husband has been at work doing lots of jobs for me. This installation in my sewing room is a panel curtain from Ikea, which replaces the wonky wardrobe doors. These slide, so do not intrude into the room, and yet cover up the craft storage cupboard, which I am still organising. I really like the look of them.

I keep finding bits of craft materials which I had stored in all sorts of cubby houses all over the house. Just yesterday I found a lovely selection of coloured cotton reels hidden in a decorative box on top of the piano!

As you can see, they are easy to slide in any direction so I can get what I want. I have been gradually labeling the boxes, and deciding what to put where, so that I can easily find it again.

The panel curtains can stack at either end or in the middle.

It is so nice to see these jobs being done around our house.

The carport is finished and looking good. My DH has been doing some jobs around it, to make it all perfect again. Some of the driveway bricks had been disturbed and needed to be relaid, and there was a bit of leftover building material which needed to be disposed, so there is a skip on the front verge, and we have a week to get some of the junk into it before it goes away.

I hope you like the pictures of our home improvements. I am very grateful for my lovely DH who is such an enthusiastic partner in all of our home improvements around here. Thank you DH, for being willing to tackle so much of this stuff for me. I know he gets a big sense of satisfaction when it comes out right. Don't you think he does a good job?


bon008 said...

I love the Ikea panels! They look gorgeous but also so practical.

I may have to steal that idea when we finally get around to building a new house.

Out Back said...

Yes, you are indeed lucky to have such an enthusiastic hubby to do jobs around the house. All is looking good, the panels are a great idea.

My hubby is a great help to me too.