Sunday, January 30, 2011

It could have been so much worse

Ex-cyclone Bianca crossed the coast over Perth last night, but apart from some strong-ish breezes and a bit of drizzle, you would not have known it.

It was thunderstorms that accompanied the unsettled weather which did the damage in the towns of Northam and York, where houses and schools lost their roofs, and in Geraldton, sadly, one young person died when she came in contact with live electrical wires brought down by the storm

We are glad that we have had a quiet weekend. We are glad that we have excellent emergency response teams, which warn us about such possible dangers. We are glad that we took their warnings seriously. My DH is still a little muscle sore from cleaning the gutters, but gutters always need cleaning after summer, and the job is not wasted.

I am glad we finally put together our 'emergency box' of things we would want all together, to take with us should something drastic happen.

I am also glad to hear that our eastern states are also on a reprieve from a cyclone which was bearing down on North Queensland yesterday.

Much to be grateful for!

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