Monday, January 31, 2011

Summer in OZ Quilt finished!


Excuse a little excitement but I am quite positively happy about this quilt and how it looks in my lounge room. Pardon the lighting, but I have just put it up on the wall this minute and it is getting dark.

Want to see it a bit closer?

I started this after Christmas. My DD gave me some fabric and I wanted to use some of it in the quilt. I had picked up a lot of quilting books on freecycle and the inspiration for this design was in one of them. I wanted to have a quilt that celebrated an Australian summer, so the Bougainvillea applique was exactly right. I have some wonderful Australian fabrics in the quilt.

There were a few firsts for me in this quilt. First applique in a quilt, first serious attempt at stippling.

Lots of happiness now it is done. WooHoo!

(I already have an idea for the next one....oops I may be obsessed!)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt. Very talented. Loving the wall of bookshelves too.