Saturday, May 14, 2011

35th anniversary weekend

35 years ago I walked down the aisle to marry my lovely DH. The church has now been bulldozed to make way for housing, and the reception centre is now a sports medicine clinic! Our union has survived, however, and we are still in love, still fascinated by each other, still best friends, still learning about each other, still growing.

We took ourselves to celebrate, to the hotel where we had our first anniversary dinner. They have redesigned the restaurant over the years so it is now a 'Margaret River Wine Bar' type of thing, but the food was excellent (just as it was all those years ago). It is named the Parmelia after one of the ships which brought the first settlers to the Swan River. In 1977 it was the only five star hotel in Perth Western Australia!

We checked in and lapped up the 5 star treatment -valet parking, someone to bring our bags to the room, and enjoyed having our breakfast brought up to our room on one of those trolleys with white cloth -just like you see at the movies! (grin)

We spent this morning having a leisurely walk through King's Park -stopping for coffee on the way. Here are some pictures of the lovely Western Australian wildflowers we saw. Just like being married to my own sweetie, I never tire of them.

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Out Back said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you both on this your 35th Wedding Anniversary.

I love stories like this, may you have many more memories to share on this amazing journey together.