Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is new

Ever since we bought this house over 15 years ago, I have wanted to do something about the ugly bathroom. The thing I hated most was this window -it is too high and too small. The room is darker than it need be.

This week we took Step One of our bathroom renovation (yippee!) when we ripped out the window and installed a glass block window.
The surrounds of the window will be finished when we do the tiling.

The window has greatly improved the amount of light coming in to the room (sorry, this picture does not really illustrate that as it was taken very early in the morning!)

There are many steps to go and it is going to get uglier before it gets better.
  • The purple bath needs to be made white.
  • The purple and green tiles are coming off to be replaced by white.
  • The brown floor tiles will be replaced by grey.
  • There will be a new vanity with a grey marble top.
  • There will be a new shower cubicle with a sliding glass door.

I am glad we have finally started.

Rather than offend your eyes with any more ugly bathroom pictures, I thought I would end with a pic of the new kitchen cupboard my DH has just painted. We bought it from the local Op Shop. It was an ugly baltic pine stain, and so we painted it white to match the kitchen.

There are glass doors for the top and solid wooden doors for the bottom, which DH hasn't had a moment to paint yet.

I am very pleased with the amount of storage it is offering, and how the new cupboard has inspired me to get on to de-cluttering some of the other cupboards and generally making the kitchen work better.

I will post another pic when we have the doors on.


mountainwildlife said...

Love the new bathroom window! I'll keep your idea in mind (if you don't mind!) when it comes to re-doing our downstairs (we have a similar small window and brown floor tiles, but at least no purple bath!)

earthmotherwithin said...

Ah yes, the purple bath was a real decorator coup when the house was built in 1973!
By all means use the glass tile idea. We were very happy with the company and their workers, and with the result. You really have to see the transformation to believe it.