Monday, March 10, 2014

Cruisin' along

There comes a moment when every "Leader/Ender project" demands top spot. A leader/ender project is of course a way quilters have of getting two quilts done at once -working on one project, but sneakily feeding a block from another project at the beginning or end of every chain piecing row.  You hardly notice a huge number of quilt blocks being sewn, that way.  That is how I got this collection of 156 blocks done for a "Dark Nightz" queen size bed quilt. 

This is the block collection spread out on the floor. It will be queen size and go on my bed. 

I love this Jan Mullen's pattern -it is such fun to make and uses quite a lot of scraps! I made a lap size version which I gave to my lovely niece recently. This one is for ME (DH can share it!).

I like the way the blue wave spreads across the quilt.

While I am sewing I love to listen to the Daily Planet on my computer, from the Radio National website. 

That is mostly what I have been doing this weekend- cruising along, making blocks when I wasn't gardening, cleaning or cooking! But I did go op shopping and found this gorgeous textured jug from Portugal for a measly $6. 

 Of course I am still loving the gorgeous quilty view of my console table.

Wisdom, peace, trust, hope......all will be needed as I sew the blocks together and then hand it over to the Long Arm Quilter. There is no way my DSM is going to manage this baby!

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