Monday, March 24, 2014

So many pretty things

It has been quite a week for pretty things around here!

We had a lovely Sunday high tea, using my lovely china -some bequeathed to me by my mother in law, some found in op shops over the years.  On  the menu were cucumber sandwiches, asparagus rolls, savoury pumpkin muffins, and  iced sponge squares. All washed down with a good Earl Grey.   My DD helped create the spread!

(yes, we did also serve Gin and Tonics, darlings!)

I have settled on this fabric for a new baby quilt, featuring the culinary skills of that famous TV chef: Paddington! 
I am thinking of a simple medallion layout with the words "please look after this bear" in orange on blue fabric, and that vibrant orange in the border or binding. This is of course for our new baby due mid-year so I better get on with this as soon as my queen size scrappy gets to a point where I can leave it for a month or two.

This lovely old lady needed a new home. I gladly will take care of her. I will take her to my local sewing repair shop for a bit of TLC. She should sew fine. According to her number plate she is over 100 years old! She is in find condition, and I would have thought she was more likely be be from the 1940s or 1950s but until I have more information, this is what I know about her. 

She will have to wait though, because there was also an overlocker which also needed a new home. This is only 20 years old. I have always wanted an overlocker. She was very dusty but she works so I took her to the repair shop straight away for a good service. Hopefully I will have her back in a couple of weeks. Then the fun really will start! I hope to make even more pretty things with her special skills too. 

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